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Swivel Tv Mount Completed

Just a short demonstration of a swivel mount. This type of mount is good for watching tvs from different angles. 

Service Prices

Compare our packages and find the best fit for you. And if you don't see a package below don't worry because we will be able to build a custom package just for you. Just click our free consultation button to set up your free appointment. 

 Just Hang It Package    

$75 thru $149

Per Month

Greatest package for anyone on a budget. Tv mounted and wires bundled together.  

1 hr time estimation

Tv Size From 19 thru 55 inches

Wires bundle with twist ties

Connection From Tv To Cable Or Game System


Give Me A Little More Package

$150 thru $349

Tv hung up, connection to entertainment devices, wires organized and bundled together. 

2 hr estimation

Tv Size From 19 thru 75 inches

Wires organized, bundled, connected

Basic Connections To Entertainment


All In From Top To Bottom Package

$350 thru $500  

Perfect for the person who wants that picture perfect look, no visible wires and connection of sound systems or sound bars. 

 4 hr estimation

Tv Size From 19 thru 75 inches

Wires hidden in wall, including electrical

Full Entertainment Connection