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CSP - Customer Service Professional

You will be hired as a 1099 Independent Contractor and for the purposes of working with N&K PROFESSIONAL ACCOUNTS, LLC and Arise your title will be CSP. You will be answering phone calls for the client or clients of your choice. These calls will consist of tech support, billing and sales. You will do this from the comfort of home. You will be able to pick your own schedule which includes the days you want to work, the hours you want to work and the only requirement is that most contracts have a minimum of 15 hours per week needs to be worked. You will get paid hourly for the hours worked.

IBO Training - Independent Business Owner

To become an Independent Business Owner you must first own your own Limited Liability Company. You will then be able to sign up with Arise and get contra​cts with different companies. You can then hire 1099 Independent Contractors also known as CSP's to work for your call center. Arise will pay you for the contracts and you will pay your CSP's for the hours they work. The training's will vary in length and cost but at the end of this training you will be an Independent Business owner. 

***** A consultation must be done for a accurate quote *****

***** Consultations can be done in person, on phone, by email *****

Services Coming Soon 

Work From Home Training - Building Your Own Brand and Company

Network Marketing Training

Motivational Speaking

Credit Repair

Fitness Coach


Visit our FAQ page to get the answers you need to the most commonly asked questions. When registering on the Arise platform make sure you register as an agent. When you get to the section that requires a IB id please input 82795. After inputting the IB id 82795 click the hour glass or search button and you will see our company name N&K PROFESSIONAL ACCOUNTS, LLC. But if you don't see our company name N&K PROFESSIONAL ACCOUNTS, LLC then please stop and give us a call so we may assist you. Now that your questions have been answered and the instructions have been given you may click the Take Action Get Started Now image. Ok what are you waiting for, lets get you started today.