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F.A.Q 'S

What is A C.S.P

A C.S.P. is ( Customer Service Professional ) 

What Does A C.S.P Do

A C.S.P. ( Customer Service Professional ) answers calls from home pertaining to sales and technical support. 

What Is A I.B.O

Independent Business Owner

What Does A I.B.O Do

An I.B.O ( Independent Business Owner ) is the owner of its own company who hires C.S.P's to work from home as contractors

Who Is Arise

ARISE IS CALL CENTER OUTSOURCING AT ITS BEST and is a customer experience innovator

Where innovation drives the ideal customer experience.. The Arise Platform launched in 1997 to enable a network of small enterprises to provide inbound call center resources. Since then, the platform evolved into an amazing network of Service Partners who provide authentic customer service experiences. We have been a customer experience innovator since the beginning, and it just keeps getting better.

What Does Arise Do

They secure a variety of contracts with companies who need customer service assistance. They then allow I.B.O's the capability to partner with them to service these needs. 

Why Do I Need A Background Check


A detailed background check before being able to service clients using the Arise platform. Tried and True Improving customer retention while providing excellent customer service and support? That's the unique ability of the Arise platform. Our demonstrated results and technology


Experienced Operators, Invested in Providing Quality Service: Arise's virtual network attracts experienced call center businesses run by goal-oriented self-starters. Before taking TPV calls, platform users must pass a detailed background check and complete eLearning modules.


Information. Arise works with third party partners to perform identity verification and criminal background checks on individuals registered to use the Arise Platform, and we may receive information from them such as publicly available information about your criminal history. We share a certain amount of your information with the partners who help us run background checks. 

Why Do I Need To Take A Drug Test

You will be handling sensitive customer information so the company is following the same procedures they would if you were working in a brick and mortar location. 

Who Administers The Drug Test

The Drug Test will be administered by and a company that's not under Arise control such as Lab Corp or some other company. The info sent to Arise will be simple as passed or failed but you will get full detailed info and if they any questions about the test it will be directed to you. 

What Personal Information Is Required

Legal name, current address, email, telephone number and so you can get paid you will need to provide banking info and social security number. You can utilize a ein in place of ssn for the purpose of being in compliant and not having to provide us with your ssn to get paid.  You can use a prepaid card or account for the purpose of  being in compliance and being able to be paid. 

Why Is Personal Information Required

So that we can verify your identity so that you can get paid. You will be handling sensitive information and systems so you will need to be verified through the above background check. 

Are There Any Fees Associated With Working From Home


What Are The Fees And Why Am I Charged

Arise Charges $19.95 per pay for use of website and job training and is only taken out if you actually work and make more than the fee

N&K Professional Accounts, LLC charges $20.05 per pay for personalize ongoing training, access to company website and handling for all paperwork and issues

Any other cost are associated with your personal equipment, like computer, monitors, phone line, internet, headphones and flash drives