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Why Does Wearing Gloves Put Most People at an Even Greater Risk of Contracting Coronavirus?

Have you noticed the people walking around supermarkets and doing all sorts of everyday activities wearing these blue gloves? Of course, you have, how can you not? They honestly develop this false since of protection or believe that they have this superhuman ability of avoiding the Novel Coronavirus. It has been joked about and there are memes poking fun at these individuals. Why? Because they are in fact contaminating themselves as well as their belongings with these gloves that they touch everything with. The gloves are not somehow decontaminating or cleansing their environment or objects they touch. Every germ that they have touched with the gloves are not only still on their food and belongings but when they remove the gloves these germs will be waiting for them to touch with their bare hands.

On the other side, those that are not wearing gloves tend to be much more careful and aware and using hand sanitizer and antimicrobial wipes to cleanse surfaces and items they touch. These behaviors are what is actually killing germs and making them less susceptible to the virus then the ones that have contaminated everything they touched and brought home all of the germs they have encountered throughout the day.

By Niquel Cozart