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New CSP's

What is a new CSP you ask? It's a Client Support Professional not yet registered with Arise and an IBO - Independent Business Owner. What do CSP's do you ask? They get to work from home doing customer service for different companies through Arise while sub contracting for a IBO which in this case would be N&K PROFESSIONAL ACCOUNTS, LLC but that's not all. They get to control their own time by becoming a Independent Contractor. What does that mean for you, it means that you get to work from home, make your own schedule, I mean set the hours and days you want to work as long as you meet the minimum hours required which is usually about 15 hours per week. To get the process started contact us using the contact form on our contact page and we will get you all the necessary information needed to sign up with Arise and us. 

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Current CSP's

Are you a current CSP ( It's a Client Support Professional who is already registered with Arise and an IBO - Independent Business Owner ) who is looking for a new IBO. We here at N&K PROFESSIONAL ACCOUNTS, LLC take pride in the fact that we treat everyone like we want to be treated and that is better than family. We go above and beyond to make sure all your needs are met so you can worry about what's in your control and that's building your Independent Contractor business. So if you want to work with owners that care we are ready to assist you. We know you are tired of being left in dark, being ignored, not being paid on time, not getting the proper documents or just have that nagging feeling like you are working under someone just to make them money because they don't value you or your time. Well all of those feelings will be gone when you work with the company that cares.

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New I.B.O Formation

Are you tired of working for the boss and want to become your own boss? Well if the answer is yes then becoming and IBO may be the option for you. Now rather you are an experienced CSP or have no experience at all it does not matter to us because we work with everyone from beginning to end. However we do suggest you get some experience as a CSP before making this leap. But once you decide to become an IBO you will need to have your own Incorporated Business. Don't worry though when you are ready to start your own business we will be with you every step of the way. We offer several packages and payment options to fit every budget. So when the time is right all you will need to do is fill out our contact form with a detail message and someone will get back to you to set up a consultation. 

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Personalize Training's

These training's are our most sought after training's because they are based on a one on one consultation session where we formulate a plan that is specific to you and your personal needs, not a generalize training. This is individualize and not duplicated or use with anyone else. It is your personal training and has never been used on any one else. 

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Opportunity Follow Up Trainings

This training is for those CSP's who need that additional training after they have completed class and started servicing an opportunity. You will get to work with someone who already has experience working in that company either through an at home opportunity or in the corporate world. 

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We will set up several consultation sessions so we can access your needs and wants. The purpose of these sessions will be to assist you in picking the best opportunity that fits your personality, style and skills. It will also allow us to build a package to assist you in your career with Arise and N&K PROFESSIONAL ACCOUNTS, LLC

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To get started now, click the box below labeled Get Started Now. When you get to the Arise website be sure to click on Agent Registration. Once you get to the process of your registration where it is asking you to Join an Independent Business, go down to IB ID and input 82975 then click the magnifying glass to the right. You should now see the name N&K PROFESSIONAL ACCOUNTS, LLC under company name because we will be the IBO representing you with Arise. If you don't see our name after inputting that number STOP and contact us. 

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