Welcome To The Beginning Of Your New Life


Why do I have to have a background check?

The background check is required because you will be working remotely - meaning from home so your identity and background must be verified

Why do I have to pay for the background check? 

You are responsible for the cost because you are not an employee, you are a 1099 Contractor who will work from home

What is the cost of the background check?

 The fee for the background check is $7.99

Why do I have to enroll in the training class?

The training class is required because it will provide you with the proper information, the proper procedures and teach you how to use the clients software and programs as well as teach you the rules and regulations of the client you will be servicing. Completion of this class is needed to certify you in the software, program and procedures. 

What is the cost of the training class?

The cost of the training classes will vary based on the client you want to do customer service for and the cost will range from $4.99 through $249.99

Why do I have to pay for my own training class?

You are responsible for the cost because you are not an employee, you are a 1099 Contractor who will work from home and as such will be responsible for your training, and this training will be done from home as well.

Who is Arise?

The company whose platform is your solution to omni channel customer care. They are a virtual call center. So whether it's customer service, sales, or tech support and no matter how your customers choose to connect – phone, email, social media, live chat, text/SMS, or video – the Arise network of micro contact centers is ready to help.

Who is N&K Professional Accounts, LLC?

We are the Independent Business Owner that will allow you to connect with Arise to service the fortune 5OO companies on the Arise Platform. You can't work for Arise unless you have a IBO as a representative for you and that is where N&K Professional Accounts, LLC comes in to play.

Are there any additional fees associated with the job?

You will have a fee per pay cycle which will cover the cost to use Arise virtual platform which will host all the trainings. It will also have all the job opportunities available at any given moment since they change as needed. It also covers the cost of the personalize trainings that are available at no additional cost from N&K Professional Accounts, LLC as well as handling your payroll and all correspondence with Arise on your behalf. 

What is the cost? 

$40 per pay cycle which is twice a month, the 13th and the 28th of every month. $19.95 to Arise and $20.05 to N&K Professional Accounts, LLC. This feee is automatically deducted and will be indicated on the invoice.

When and How will I recieve my Enrollment and Welcome Packet?

Once the Arise Agent registration process is complete we will be notified by Arise and then the Enrollment & Welcome Packet will be emailed. 

What forms and documents will I recieve in my Enrollment & Welcome Packet?

Welcome Letter

Important Next Step Document

Contractors Contact Form

Company Contact Form

Direct Deposit Form

W9 for the purpose of recieving a 1099