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Fitness, How to get started

June 25, 2017

Now that the spring and summer is approaching, it is crucial to consider the importance of getting fit for the warmer seasons. Some may feel that slimming down and firming up is too much to achieve. However, this is a major misconception that many people make. First, it is vital to understand one’s weaknesses and strengths when it comes to weight loss. For myself, I do enjoy working from home as it gives me more time to prepare healthier meals and get my workouts in. Our company enjoys helping others to also get started working from home so they can also be more successful at whatever else in their lives they need time for to achieve. A good way to get started with getting fit and slimming down for the warmer months is to decide if a plan that mostly relies on exercise and cardio will be best or one that relies on diet and eating right.

Personally, I find that Atkins is a wonderful solution for those that have a difficult time with dealing with hunger and cravings. Getting started is simple. The induction period of the plan is the first two weeks where individuals can have 20 grams of carbohydrates that comes from fresh veggies. No fruit, sugar, starches and breads are allowed. Taking the time to read “Atkins, Diet Revolution” is a great start for more information. Once individuals get past the first 3 days, they are typically in ketosis. This is where the body will start burning and using its stored body fat for energy. Being in ketosis usually has rewarding side effects such as decreased appetite and lack of cravings. So this diet actually helps individuals by causing appetite suppression. How great is that?

Some find that they lose lots of weight without much exercise at all. Many individuals easily lose 30 lbs in the first couple months. Of course, much comes from excess water, but this is spells major success in a weight-loss program. Then there are cardio plans that individuals can consider that may assist them in their weight-loss journey, but people often find that it will take vigorous effort and lots of time is involved to achieve their goals when not partnering in better eating habits in their plan. No matter what individuals choose, now is the time to get started in order to see significant improvements by the warmer months.

By Niquel Cozart

Working from home

June 25, 2017

Are the benefits of working from home really as great as people claim they are? Well, I guess that answer would be different depending on the individual. Some people have mentioned that they do not like the idea of being isolated and would miss being around other people. However, there are those that absolutely detest working around their coworkers or having their manager constantly standing behind them looking over their shoulders. They admit that they would be much more productive if they were able to perform their work at home. There are other benefits to working from home as well. Consider waking up early in the morning, leaving home and then traveling maybe an hour or more to work. Imagine that commute on a stormy day or any type of severe weather, messy roads, traffic, and other undesirable conditions. Those that work from home no longer have such concerns. Also, since many spend an hour or two, perhaps even longer, commuting to and from work daily they spend less time at home enjoying quality time with their family. Many people do not even realize that they waste several hours per week, an average of 10 hours that will not be paid hours because this time was spent commuting. Working from home means not having to waste those commuting hours. Once an individual’s shift is over, they can simply sign out of their work applications and go on with their day. For those required to wear uniforms, dress corporate, or any other dress requirement, imagine being able to work in sweats, pajamas, slippers, or whatever you feel most comfortable wearing. It is much more affordable and usually healthier being able to eat meals prepared at home and not having to budget in take-out for lunch. In the past, working from home was practically a myth and not incredibly popular, although quite desirable by many. Today, it is very popular and more people are converting from traditional brick and mortar jobs to working from home.  

By Niquel Cozart